Vessel titling & registrations

All vessels operated on Florida waterways must have a valid registration which is displayed on the vessel.

Exemptions from registration include:

Exemptions from titling include:


Vessels in the state of Florida fall into one of two classifications: commercial or pleasure. If the classification of a vessel changes, the owner must complete a DHSMV form 87015. This form along with the current registration must be presented at the tax collector’s office. If the current registration cannot be located, certification as to why the original registration is not available can be completed on DHSMV form 87015.  A fee of $6.25 will be charged.

If the owner of a vessel is a non-resident and is changing the vessel classification from pleasure to commercial, an additional $50.00 vessel fee is due if the vessel is not subject to a specific reciprocal agreement with another state.

Services are available:

In person

By Mail


Additional information

Additional information and fees can be found on the FLHSMV website.

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