Due Dates, Discounts and Payment Options

Important dates

Nov. 1 - tax bills mailed
March 31 - deadline for tax deferral application
March 31 - last day for tax payment to be postmarked or paid in person or online without penalty
April 30 - deadline for new applications for installment plan

Discount periods for early payment

4% discount for payments postmarked or made in person in the month of November
3% discount in December
2% discount in January
1% discount in February
0% discount in March ‐ October

When the last day of a discount period falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the discount period shall be extended for all payments brought in person to our office to the next working day.

Payment Options

Pay your taxes or sign up for e‐bills.

Property Tax information is available 24 hours a day. Customers may search public tax information and/or pay property taxes online.

Online Payment Options Include: