Pay property taxes

Please review the information below before making an online payment.

Service charges apply for electronic checks (e-checks), credit card and debit card payments. E-checks are electronic payments directly from your bank account using your checkbook.

E-check payments

Our third-party payment processor charges a $1.50 service fee when using an e-check. E-checks are only accepted online. Be sure to enter the routing transit number from your actual check unless your bank has a separate routing number for electronic payments.

If you erroneously pay your taxes by e-check, you have until 5 p.m. to call for a payment reversal.

Credit card or debit card payments

In-office payments:
Online payments:

Mailing address

Returned e-check service fees

Should an e-check payment of taxes be returned to our office as unpaid by your bank, Florida Statute 68.065 authorizes the Tax Collector to assess a service charge.

DO NOT USE money market accounts or credit card checks for e-check payments.

Pay online

If you are paying by any of the above methods, please use the pay online option to access the search menu and locate your bill. If payment is due, you can make a payment following the prompts on the screen.

Pay online at

Wire transfer instructions

Important, please read

To ensure proper credit, payment must be correctly identified with the following:

To avoid delay in payment processing, please verify the payment amount is in full and includes bank fees involved with transferring of funds. Once the funds have been wired, please us.

Please note: The property owner is responsible for ensuring a foreign bank forwards the tax account number and owner’s name for property tax credit. To avoid any problems that might jeopardize your ownership, it is very important for this office to have your current mailing address. Tax bills are mailed each November and become delinquent April 1. If you do not receive your tax bill by mid-November, please call or email for a duplicate mailing.

Returned checks

Should a check for payment of taxes be returned to our office by your bank as unpaid, Florida Statute 68.065 authorizes the Tax Collector to assess a service charge.

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